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Welcome to the world of sports studies in Spain, where football enthusiasts and aspiring athletes find their dreams come to life. Spain has long been renowned as a hub for football excellence, boasting a rich history of top-tier clubs and a passionate fan base. However, it’s not just about the matches played on grand stadiums; it’s about the comprehensive training and education available in spanish football academies across the country.

Football academies in Spain are the breeding grounds for future football stars. These institutions offer a unique blend of rigorous academic programs and world-class sports training, creating an environment that nurtures both the mind and the body. Students here don’t just learn the intricacies of the game; they also receive a solid education, ensuring a balanced future beyond the field.


Prepare to present your talents and abilities to  coaches at the right spanish football academies. 


Find the right sports studies in spain for international students, and help you make the list of interested academies. 


Helping you build relationships with coaches, communication tips and making sure you have all the information you need to make your decision.


Helping you with the decision to accept the sports studies  offer from the right spain academy for you and get your international program. 

Why Choose Sports Studies in Spain?


Sport studies in Spain have been launched for young footballers who want to learn how to play football with Spanich football academies and show their skills in the Spanish league and fc spain.

Players play at a profrssional soccer academy, adapt to their football skills, learn Spanish and attend Spanish schools. It is possible to get football scholarships in cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Cordoba.

Studying in Spain is an excellent choice for students. Indeed, alongside the quality of education in its universities, its close geographical location makes it a preferred destination. In addition, Spanish universities offer international program;
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The most important requirements to be admitted to continue your sports studies in Spain

Eligibility Form

The majority of platforms that offer sports studies in spanish football academies require that an eligibility form be completed first.


Fulfilling The Admission Requirements

Academic background is important in the selection process. Bachelor’s degree is imperative.

Have An Athletic Profile

The creation of a sports CV will allow you to highlight your skills and sports experience. We can help you to get a strong profile 

Toefl Test

IELTS is also widely accepted at Spanish universities, but if you don’t have it, consider submitting alternative IELTS exams such as TOFFL, PTE, DET or Cambridge English test certificates to apply for admission to universities. Spanish universities without IELTS.

Personal Interview

During the process, we may contact you to further discuss specific offers

Finalizing The Process

Once you have been selected, you will enter the finalization phase, which is characterized by some administrative steps to follow.

Our Spanish football Academies Partners 


Getafe International

Getafe International Madrid Football Academy is the official academy of the Spanish first division team Getafe CF. The High Performance Soccer program was designed to give young players the opportunity to train in a professional setting, opening doors to the world of soccer while pursuing their high school diploma at an American school in Madrid.

Rush Spain SPF 02

Rush Spain SPF

SPAIN RUSH-SPF has its own International High Performance Football Academy based in Valencia (Spain). SPF gives them the opportunity to realize their dream of being professional, which can also be seen by several collaborating football clubs represented in the top divisions of the Spanish League.

Sans titre 1


Profut camps football academy is a sports training brand specialized in highperformance football, which has not taken long to position itself at the top of football academy training.
More than 40 nationalities and 5,500 students have enjoy edits International Soccer program, campus and clinics.

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The C.D. Leganés experience is a program of sport studies designed for players who want to make a leap in their football career in europe soccer academy.
The program combines the club’s professional methodology, staff and sports facilities with the experience of living in an elite competitive environment like in fc spain in a cosmopolitan city like Madrid.

Frequently asked questions?

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How can I attend a soccer academy in Spain if I’m not from Spain?

The soccer schools in Spain work hard to cater to the needs of all their international students taking into account cultural and linguistic differences. Some international students may need to apply for a student visa to attend the academy, but the process is fairly easy and applications are usually accepted.

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What is an athletic scholarship?

These are awarded to students who will compete on behalf of the school in sanctioned athletic competitions. You are not guaranteed to have a scholarship if you are going to play sports at your school. The possibility and amounts of each scholarship depend on the team and the University.

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School Admissions and Eligibility Centers will require you to submit official copies of your qualifications. The format in which you send them may vary by division but it is essential that you do not send the original certificates as they will not be returned.

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What if I don’t speak Spanish?

Studying in Spain provides foreign students with a great opportunity to learn one of the world’s most dominant languages, Spanish. Both soccer academies in Spain are extremely flexible and provide education options for students of all Spanish levels. In fact, both football academies in Spain even offer Spanish language courses for non-native speakers.
Students with a low level of Spanish can choose to continue their education through distance education or online learning. In such cases, the academies provide personal tutors for the students that do speak the students’ native languages.