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Summer 2023 Transfermarkt of KM GESTION SPORT

Summer 2023 Transfermarkt of KM GESTION SPORT

The summer Transfermarkt in football is always an exciting time. It’s a period when clubs around the world look for the best talent, and fans eagerly await the unveiling of new signings. At KM GESTION SPORT, we’ve been closely monitoring the summer transfer window, and we’re here to provide you with an overview of the operations and intermediations that took place during this eventful period.


Total Number of Transfers:

One thing is clear: the summer of 2023 was a bustling time for player movements. Clubs, big and small, were active in the market, securing talents to bolster their squads for the upcoming season. While the final numbers may vary, it’s safe to say that hundreds of transfers took place across the globe. From marquee signings to under-the-radar gems, the market saw it all.

Those are the numbers of our summer transfers in KMSPORT agency:

  • 12 Total Transfers
  • 20 Intermediary Operations
  • 31 new contracts Signed with female and male players.

Biggest Transfers:

Every summer, we witness some eye-catching transfers that capture the headlines. These high-profile moves often involve top-tier clubs and players commanding significant fees. While the specific figures might change from one deal to another, one thing is consistent—the pursuit of excellence and the willingness to invest in talent. You can check also our profile on Transfermarkt to see some of our players in Europe and Africa.

Emerging Transfermarkt:

In recent years, KMsport agency had observed a growing trend in the diversification of player markets. Clubs are increasingly looking beyond traditional hotspots to unearth talent. Leagues and players from Asia, Africa, and South America and Europe are gaining more attention, opening up exciting opportunities for growth and discovery.

Player Empowerment:

Player empowerment remains a prominent theme in today’s football landscape. Players are actively seeking opportunities that align with their ambitions, and this summer was no different. We’ve witnessed players taking control of their careers, making strategic moves, and embracing new challenges as football agency who want to improve and live a good touch in the world of football.

Our role as a football agency:

At KM GESTION SPORT, we take pride in our role as intermediaries in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry. We work closely with both players and clubs to facilitate transfers, negotiations, and contracts. Our goal is to create win-win situations where players find the right environments to thrive, and clubs secure the talent they need to succeed.

For this we invite all the players who want to improve their sports career to contact us in odrer to find the best opprotunities for them in Africa, Europe and the middle east. Click here to start promoting your career!


The summer transfermarkt of 2023 showcased the continued growth and transformation of football’s global landscape. As the game evolves, so too do the opportunities for players, clubs, and intermediaries like us. We look forward to the upcoming season with great anticipation, knowing that the beautiful game is richer for the diverse talent that has found new homes.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from KM GESTION SPORT as we continue to navigate the ever-changing world of football in our social networks. Or contact us for more details.


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